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Home Renovation Services

Here at, we believe that YOU (the houseowners) are the real designers of your own home and we are always glad to humbly listen to what your home renovation ideas are.

For example, do you want your TV console cabinets to be wall mounted, or do you like a modern contemporary look for your feature wall, with side panels and additional shelving needs? All of these and more, we are able to use our carpentry skills to bring your ideas from concept to fruition.

For new homeowners, if we have not done so earlier, we now congratulate you on receiving the keys to your new house and we are most happy to assist you on the building of your own place together. We offer full home renovation packages as well.

And if say, you are at a loss of how you want your home renovation theme to be, do not fret. We understand how wonderfully overwhelming having your new place can be, and with our experience, we will be able to assist you every step of the way.

Do drop in your email enquiry at our Contact Us page. We shall be in contact with you within two days or less.

Singapore Home Renovation Services


Singapore Home Renovation Tips

Renovation Singapore 

1. Do have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish for your home renovation.


When you have decided to custom make your kitchen cabinets, and have built-in wardrobes for your bedrooms, amongst other home renovation works, it is ideal that you have a clear understanding of what you want. E.g. design and colour selection, soft-closing hinges and choosing either solid-surface or granite kitchen counter tops etc.


It would be especially helpful for a person, e.g. a consultant, walk you through the whole renovation process and make it all less daunting for you. And always know that you, the home owner, have the final say. 


2. Do make sure you have set aside a realistic budget for it.


Or if you plan to take a home renovation loan, do ensure it is in a range you can comfortably pay off on a monthly basis; nonetheless it is wise to spend within one’s financial means.


A good and experienced renovation contractor/consultant will work within your budget and/or tell you upfront if your scope of work is or isn’t possible within your budget and make a plan before anything is confirmed.


3. Do have regular communication with the person-in-charge of your home renovation.


It may be a dedicated consultant, contractor supervisor or interior designer. Let him/her know your requirements and concerns early and have a quick listening ear to understand the situation or updates.


Do not let other family members or friends give conflicting instructions, especially without your knowledge, otherwise you could get things you don’t want or undoing the contractors’ work. Do have a common agreement on who should be the single contact person.


4. Do engage a HDB registered renovation contractor.


It is a HDB requirement for flat owners to engage a licensed renovation contractor for their home renovation, including those that do not require a renovation permit. This may be obvious for many people, but do ensure that you engage renovation contractors who are registered with HDB. 


5. Do perform quality checks upon completion of renovation works.


Finally, your renovation works are completed and your beautiful home is ready to be handed back to you. Do perform quality checks with your renovation contractor/consultant prior to the handover and voice out if there are any issues.


Do be realistic, patient and level-headed throughout your home renovation process and enjoy staying in your newly-renovated home! 


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