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Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets | Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Services in Singapore

It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Here at, we endeavour to bring quality workmanship to your kitchen by working closely with you, our valued customers. We are good listeners and also able to advise you on the range of woodwork materials, hinges, finishing types and kitchen renovation ideas etc.

Our commitment is to deliver quality workmanship and bring you satisfaction in seeing your completed kitchen cabinets of your own preferred home renovation theme, colour and style. We offer full home renovation services as well.

For new homeowners, we strongly recommend that you consider custom made kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, rather than buy ready kitchen cabinets off-the-shelf. Custom made kitchen cabinets are built to last and make full use of your kitchen space.

Furthermore, for most homeowners, the kitchen is the pride of the house and it is a place where the family gathers, where the host and hostesses display their culinary skills and where friends get together for food tasting enjoyment.


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Kitchen Renovation Services in Singapore



Kitchen Counter Tops: Solid-Surface Vs. Granite

Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Materials

If you are considering between solid surface and granite kitchen counter tops, the below content should be able to help you make an informed decision, or hopefully, provide useful information.

Material Composition

Solid surface - It is a man-made material usually made of high performance acrylics, polyester resins or marble dust. It has a wide variety of consistent colours, and patterns that run all the way through and it can withstand disinfectant solutions.

Granite - It is a natural stone that has wild grain patterns and no two slabs can ever be the same. It is mostly dark-coloured and it has no solids or white. Its near diamond-hard surface makes it an ideal material for counter tops.


Solid surface - Cuts and scratches can be easily removed with ordinary abrasive cleaner or even sandpaper. In other words, damage is repairable and not noticeable. However, it is susceptible to direct heat damage caused by hot pots/pans. Do use trivets or hot pads for protective reasons.

Granite - It is almost heat-proof. Most cookware will not get hot enough to damage this natural stone. Granite is also scratch resistant and most daily use will not scratch its surface. Some people have even used their granite counter tops as a chopping board. However, when a hard impact does occur, cracks may not be repairable and require professional care for it to be resealed and polished.

Design Versatility

Solid Surface - It can be cut, carved, inlayed and thermo formed to create unlimited unique designs. Kitchen sinks made of solid surfaces are available to create that colour-coordinated look with no visible seams. L-shaped or angular counter top designs can be achieved with this man-made material.

Granite - Limited designs and seams are visible on L-shaped or angular counter top designs. No granite sinks are available.

Ease of Cleaning

Solid Surface - Easy to clean, since there are no open seams for dirt to get trapped in. Its non-porous solid surface resists stains and prevents liquids from penetrating. It is FDA approved for food preparation on its surfaces.

* Hospitals use large amounts of solid surfaces for sinks, nursing stations and wall cladding because its seamless properties eliminate gaps and crevices that harbour harmful bacteria.

Granite - Its porous surface can stain. Dirt can get trapped in its visible seams and can be difficult to clean. Granite is not approved by the FDA for food preparation surfaces, even though proper sealing and maintenance can protect against bacteria as long as the sealant remains in tact.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Counter Top Care & Cleaning Tips

Kitchen Countertop Care

1.  Do wipe up spills immediately. To avoid deep staining on your kitchen counter tops, wipe up spills as soon as you can. Try not to leave stains over-night.

2. Use mild soap and warm water. It is safe to use a neutral cleaner such as stone soap or mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Rinse off the surface thoroughly and finish off by drying with a soft, clean cloth.

3. Avoid adding weight to counter top edges. Increased pressure and weight can lead to damage of the edges. Do use a ladder to climb up and clean something or reach a shelf, instead of standing on top of your kitchen counter top as a platform.

4. Use chopping/cutting boards. Avoid using your kitchen counter top as a chopping board. Use a proper chopping/cutting board instead. This will prolong the life of your kitchen counter top as well as your knives.

5. Use hot pads or trivets. It is advisible to use hot pads or trivets to place your hot pots/pans. It is definitely much cheaper to replace hot pads or trivets which are damaged, as compared to replacing the whole kitchen counter top surface, if it comes to that.

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